Yorkshire Candle Company - Bakewell Tart


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Hidden in the Peak District (just outside Yorkshire) you will find the quaint village of Bakewell. The home of the world famous Bakewell Pudding which has been slightly altered to become what we now know as the Bakewell Tart. A sweet combination of cherry and almond.

Elevate your senses with our Bakewell Tart Scented Candle. Created from responsibly sourced materials, this candle captures the irresistible allure of the iconic Bakewell Tart. Inspired by the sweet delight from Bakewell in Derbyshire, it infuses your space with the rich and mouthwatering scents of this cherished dessert.

Key Features:

🕯️ Cherry Bakewell Harmony: Immerse yourself in the aroma of cherry Bakewell bliss. Our handcrafted candle captures the essence of this beloved treat, infusing your space with the inviting scent of almonds and cherries.

🌿 Sustainable Craftsmanship: Crafted with a commitment to sustainability, our Bakewell Tart Scented Candle is meticulously made from responsibly sourced materials, offering an eco-conscious choice for your ambiance.

🌱 Vegan-Friendly: Our candle is vegan-friendly, reflecting our dedication to creating products that align with ethical values.

🔥 Artisanal Excellence: Each candle is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, embodying artisanal dedication and meticulous attention to detail. Revel in the refined beauty of a candle created with passion.

Elevate with Bakewell Tart Indulgence:

Our Handcrafted Bakewell Tart Scented Candle encapsulates the essence of a cherished dessert. Responsibly sourced and vegan-friendly, it’s a tribute to quality and conscious living. Illuminate your space with the captivating allure of cherry Bakewell, and let the flickering glow transport you to the indulgent pleasure of this timeless treat.


The Yorkshire Candle Company candles are made with 100% natural and renewable Soy Wax, a Cotton Wick which contains other natural filaments to promote a clean burn and each candle is hand-poured at their workshop in Yorkshire, England.